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Designed To

Help You Grow

The Game Changer is a professional real estate photography package designed not only to give you all the materials needed to list and sell successfully, its greater purpose is to become a significant part of your marketing to help you build your brand and grow your business. Long after this property has been sold, these branded tools will continue to work for you!

Game Changer Add-on Options

Elevate your Game Changer with our add-ons designed to complement the essential elements of your package. Find details and examples of our add-ons below.

Social Media FLYERS

Package 1: Includes ALL 18 Social Media Flyers!
Includes a collection of 18 eye-catching Social Media Flyers tailored to each stage of your listing’s journey. Showcase your property with flair using our COMING SOON Flyer, featuring 3 image options to build anticipation. Announce your listing with style using the JUST LISTED Flyer, offering 4 image options to capture attention. Promote your OPEN HOUSE event with 3 dynamic flyer choices. Keep your audience engaged with our UNDER CONTRACT Flyer, available in 4 image options. And finally, celebrate success with our SOLD Flyer, offering 4 image options to celebrate.

Social Media VIDEO

Package 2: Includes one 15-Second Social Media Video!
You don’t need to be a social media influencer to get noticed! Social media platforms prioritize video content, often granting it higher visibility and engagement compared to static images or text-only posts. Our Social Media Videos are the perfect online marketing tool, offering a dynamic and immersive way to showcase your property. Social Media Videos are vertically oriented and come in three sizes optimized for use in Posts, Reels, and Stories on any social media platform. (During booking, please select video focused on INTERIOR or EXTERIOR of Property)

Social Media FLYERS + VIDEO

Package 3: Includes 18 Social Media Flyers + 1 Social Media Video!
• All 18 Flyers from Package 1
• Video from Package 2 focused on INTERIOR
or EXTERIOR of Property

Social Media FLYERS + 3 VIDEOS

Package 4: Includes All Social Media products in ONE Package!
• All 18 Flyers from Package 1
• Video focused on INTERIOR of Property
• Video focused on EXTERIOR of Property

Next Day Rush

Need your marketing package back ASAP? Simply select the RUSH add-on at the time of booking and your package will become our edit team’s first priority. Your package will be delivered as soon as possible on the day following the shoot.

Full Per Location

Receive ground AND aerial images of a Lifestyle location in your Gallery and Property Website, as well as extra drone footage in your Property Video. Please leave location details in the Special Instructions box at time of booking.

Drone-Only PL

Receive aerial ONLY images of a Lifestyle location in your Gallery and Property Website, as well as extra drone footage in your Property Video. (Please leave location details in the Special Instructions box at time of booking.)

Floor Plans

Floor Plans contain a wealth of information for prospective buyers. In addition to presenting an overhead view of each floor of the home—room layouts and dimensions are also included. Standard or Expedited Delivery available.

Coming Soon

Need to share your upcoming listing fast? Our Coming Soon package includes downloadable aerial images and a Coming Soon Flyer that is ready to print or share on social media—delivered the day after your shoot.

Add Branding to Video

Agent branding is a key component to The Game Changer. Including your name and logo in your Property Video is a great way to grow your business. Property Address is prominently featured and an option to include your headshot is also available.

Custom Hero Image

We wish every day was picture perfect, but the weather is difficult to control. (Trust us, we’ve tried!) In this case, we recommend our Sky Replacement add-on. When that gloomy listing image just won’t cut it, let our expert edit team work their magic and turn that gray day into a beautiful blue sky hero image.

Property Lines

It can often be helpful to a prospective buyer to understand where the property begins and ends. When you purchase this Add-on, the Property Line Image will be added to your Property Gallery and the Property Video. (Please provide reference image prior to the shoot in order to ensure accuracy.)

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging brings empty homes to life, helping buyers envision living spaces with warmth and appeal. This tool can be used to enhance property attractiveness, potentially speeding up sales and improving prices. Our base add-on (Virtual Staging AI) uses AI for image creation, while our premium tier (Virtual Staging PLUS) offers a human touch with a Digital Artist.

Incredible Value

We offer our Clients a high level of convenience by making a wide range of services available without having to worry about paying for them individually or making separate arrangements.

Consistent Quality

Our team receives equivalent training, uses comparable equipment, and follows identical checklists, ensuring all properties are captured and edited with dependable quality and consistency.

Unmatched Service

Communication with our clients is key to our success, so our Support Team is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, and solution-focused. We are only an email, text, or phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be at the property for The Game Changer photoshoot?2023-07-24T23:26:28+00:00

At Real3DSpace, we understand that your time is valuable, and convenience is paramount. That’s why we’ve designed The Game Changer photoshoot process to be seamless and hassle-free. The answer to whether you need to be present at the property for the photoshoot is a resounding “No!” Our experienced team of real estate photographers is well-equipped to handle the entire process independently, allowing you to focus on other important tasks while we work our magic.

Entrust Us with Your Property: How It Works

When you schedule a Game Changer photoshoot with Real3DSpace, we make the process as straightforward as possible. All we need from you are entry instructions to access the property and ensure a smooth and efficient shoot. Rest assured that your property is in capable hands with our team of skilled photographers, who are well-versed in capturing the best angles and highlighting the property’s unique features.

Preparation is Key: Ready, Set, Shoot!

To ensure optimal results, it’s crucial for the property to be adequately prepared before the scheduled photoshoot. We provide our clients with a helpful Pre-shoot Checklist to guide them through the preparation process. Simple tasks like decluttering, organizing spaces, and optimizing lighting can make a significant difference in the final photographs.

Making the Most of the Opportunity: Our Expertise

By entrusting us with your real estate photography needs, you tap into the expertise of professionals who know how to make properties shine. Our Specialists and in-house Edit Team possess a keen eye for detail, impeccable composition skills, and a deep understanding of what makes a property stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Capturing It All: Beyond Real Estate Photography

While real estate photography is at the core of what we do, our services extend far beyond that. Real3DSpace offers a comprehensive range of visual marketing solutions, including virtual tours, drone videos, and property websites, all aimed at providing a multifaceted marketing approach for your property.

How to prepare for a Game Changer?2023-07-25T22:53:48+00:00

Prepare for a Game Changer: A Comprehensive Pre-Shoot Checklist

To ensure that your property photos and/or videos look their very best, we have prepared a comprehensive pre-shoot checklist. By completing the steps outlined in this checklist, you can help us capture the true essence of your home and showcase its full potential to potential buyers.

1. Ready the Interior and Exterior: Setting the Stage for the Photoshoot

Before our real estate photographer arrives at your property, it’s essential to ensure that both the interior and exterior are ready for the photoshoot. A well-prepared property will significantly enhance the overall look and appeal of the images and videos.

2. Consider Staging: Seeking Advice from Your Agent

While our real estate photographers excel at capturing the beauty of your property, they will not be involved in staging your home. For expert staging advice, we recommend consulting your real estate agent or a professional staging company. Proper staging can help highlight the key features and create a visually appealing atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers.

3. Tidy Up Bedrooms and Living Spaces: Making Beds and Clearing Counters

In preparation for the photoshoot, it’s essential to ensure that all bedrooms are tidy, with beds neatly made. In living spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bar areas, all countertops should be cleaned off to present a clutter-free and inviting appearance.

4. Remove Personal Items and Refrigerator Clutter: Enhancing Visual Appeal

To create a clean and open look, we recommend removing all magnets, schedules, calendars, and personal items from the refrigerator. This simple step can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

5. Lighting Matters: Turning on All Lights and Checking for Bulb Replacements

Optimal lighting plays a crucial role in capturing stunning property photos and videos. Before the shoot, we kindly ask that you turn on all lights, including overhead lights and table lamps. Additionally, check all light fixtures for any burned-out bulbs and replace them as needed.

6. Curtain and Blinds: Opening Windows and Ensuring Neat Arrangement

To maximize natural light and create a bright atmosphere, open window curtains and adjust blinds horizontally or lift them completely. This step allows ample sunlight to filter into the space and adds a welcoming touch to the photos.

7. Bathroom Presentation: Organizing Towels and Clearing Counters

In bathrooms, we recommend arranging towels neatly and in an orderly fashion. Furthermore, removing all personal items from the counter, such as toothbrushes, soap, and washcloths, will contribute to a clean and visually appealing bathroom space.

8. Outdoor Areas: Maintaining Curb Appeal

The exterior of your property is equally important in creating a positive impression on potential buyers. Before the photoshoot, make sure the grass is cut and trimmed, and outdoor furniture is cleaned off and arranged to highlight the outdoor living areas.

9. Driveway and Walkways: Ensuring a Clean and Inviting Entrance

To welcome potential buyers with a warm and inviting atmosphere, sweep or spray off the driveway, sidewalks, decks, and patios. A clean and well-maintained exterior enhances the curb appeal of your property and sets the stage for a positive viewing experience.

10. Photography Session Duration: Understanding Timeframes

The duration of your photo shoot will depend on the size of the property and the selected photo package. On average, a photo shoot can take approximately 2 to 4 hours. During this time, our real estate photographer will capture all major furnished rooms of the house, including bathrooms. However, no unfinished areas or closets will be photographed unless otherwise requested by your agent.

11. Clearing Unwanted Items: Maximizing Visual Appeal

To ensure that your property photos truly shine, it’s essential to remove any items that you do not wish to see in the photographs. By decluttering and clearing unwanted items, you create a clean and open canvas that allows potential buyers to envision the space with ease.

12. Making a World of Difference: The Impact of Preparation

By diligently following this pre-shoot checklist, you can make a world of difference in the outcome of your property photos and videos. Our goal is to present your home in the best possible light and capture its unique features and potential to captivate potential buyers.

At Real 3D Space, we look forward to your upcoming shoot and the opportunity to showcase your property’s beauty and appeal through our expert real estate photography services.

Download A Pre-Shoot Checklist Here

What is the Real 3D Space Weather Policy?2023-07-24T23:25:53+00:00

Real 3d Space Weather Policy: Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

At Real 3D Space, our top priorities are safety, quality, and delivering exceptional real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, property websites, and the comprehensive Game Changer Package. The weather plays a significant role in the success of our photography and videography services, especially when it comes to aerial drone shots and exterior property photography. To ensure the best results and maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have a comprehensive weather policy in place.

Weather-Dependent Photography and Videography: The Impact of Rain and Wind

The weather is an ever-changing and unpredictable element, and it can have a significant impact on our ability to conduct outdoor shoots, particularly when it comes to aerial drone shots and exterior property photography. Rain, wind, and other inclement weather conditions can pose safety risks to our specialists and may also compromise the quality of the final product.

Prioritizing Safety: Rescheduling in Inclement Weather

Our weather policy prioritizes safety above all else. If our specialists determine that weather conditions, such as rain or strong winds, are unsuitable for flying the drone or shooting exterior pictures, they will reschedule the appointment to the earliest available time slot.

By rescheduling in inclement weather, we ensure the safety of our specialists and equipment while also guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality real estate photography and videography. It is crucial to maintain our standard of excellence, and conducting shoots in unfavorable weather conditions can compromise the final product.

The Unpredictability of Weather: Scheduling Considerations

As much as we strive to anticipate weather conditions and plan our schedules accordingly, the weather is inherently unpredictable. Therefore, we often leave our schedule as-is until close to the time of the appointment. This approach allows us to monitor weather updates and make well-informed decisions about the feasibility of conducting the shoot.

By closely monitoring weather conditions, we can make timely and accurate decisions regarding rescheduling, ensuring minimal disruption to our clients’ schedules and marketing plans.

Rescheduling for Optimal Conditions: Minimizing Delays

If rain or other bad weather prevents us from starting or completing the shoot, we promptly reschedule the appointment for the soonest available time slot. This proactive approach minimizes delays in delivering the final product and allows us to maintain the efficiency and excellence that our clients expect from Real 3D Space.

Efficiency in Full Package Shoots: Our Commitment to Value

To deliver our real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, property websites, and the comprehensive Game Changer Package at such a great price, we must shoot the entire package at one time. Splitting shoots, such as photographing the interior on one day and returning for exterior shots on another day, would not only incur additional costs but also lead to potential inconsistencies in the final product.

By capturing all elements of the package in one photoshoot, we ensure a cohesive and seamless marketing presentation that highlights the property’s features and creates a lasting impression on potential buyers. Our efficient approach to comprehensive package shoots also minimizes any inconvenience to property owners or agents, allowing them to focus on their real estate goals.

What is the turnaround time for The Game Changer package?2023-07-25T22:53:17+00:00

Timely Delivery Guaranteed: The Turnaround Time for the Game Changer Package

At Real 3D Space, we understand that time is of the essence in the real estate industry. As a premier provider of real estate photography, we prioritize efficiency and timely delivery to ensure our clients’ marketing needs are met promptly.

72-Hour Delivery Guarantee: Ensuring Client Satisfaction

We take great pride in our commitment to client satisfaction, and one of the ways we ensure this is through our 72-hour delivery guarantee for the Game Changer Package. Our promise to you is that your completed Game Changer Package will be delivered within 72 hours of the photoshoot’s completion. This means you can confidently plan your marketing activities, knowing that your premium real estate marketing materials will be ready within the specified timeframe.

Standard Turnaround Time: 48-60 Hours

While we offer a 72-hour delivery money-back guarantee, we understand that time is of the essence in real estate transactions, and faster delivery can be advantageous. In most cases, our editing team processes standard jobs within a swift turnaround time of 48 to 60 hours after the photoshoot has been completed.

Efficiency in Order Processing: First-Come, First-Served

To ensure fairness and efficiency in our order processing, our editing team handles jobs in the order they are shot. This “first-come, first-served” approach allows us to manage a seamless workflow and deliver high-quality real estate photography and marketing materials to our clients in a timely manner.

Next Day RUSH Option: Jump to the Front of the Line

For clients seeking an even quicker turnaround time, we offer a guaranteed Next Day RUSH option that can be added at the time of booking for an additional fee of $95. By choosing this add-on, you can jump to the front of the line and expedite the delivery of your Game Changer Package.

The Next Day RUSH ensures that your marketing materials receive top priority in our editing queue, and you can expect delivery within 1 day of the completion of the photoshoot. This option is ideal for time-sensitive situations, allowing you to swiftly launch your marketing campaign and capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic real estate market.

How long does The Game Changer take?2023-07-25T22:52:50+00:00

At Real3DSpace, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and timely real estate photography services, ensuring that your property is expertly captured and showcased in the shortest possible time frame. The duration of the photoshoot largely depends on the size of the property and the package size selected. Our team of professional real estate photographers, equipped with the latest technology and expertise, works diligently to maximize productivity and achieve outstanding results for each and every client.

Streamlined Process: Ready to Shoot

To expedite the photography process, it is crucial for the property to be adequately prepared and ready to shoot when our Specialist arrives. This preparation includes decluttering, staging, and ensuring that the property’s best features are highlighted.

Once the property is prepared and our Specialist is ready to begin the photoshoot, the duration of the process will vary based on the size of the property and the package selected. Here’s a link to our Pre-Shoot Checklist

The Great Package: 0 – 1500 sq ft – 2 Hours

For properties ranging from 0 to 1500 square feet, The Great package typically requires approximately 2 hours to complete. This package caters to smaller properties and provides essential real estate photography services to capture the essence of the space effectively.

The Grand Package: 1501 – 3000 sq ft – 3 Hours

For properties with a size ranging from 1501 to 3000 square feet, The Grand package. This package allows our photographers ample time, typically around 3 hours, to capture the property’s highlights comprehensively.

The Gigantic Package: 3001 – 4500 sq ft – 4 Hours

For larger properties with a size between 3001 to 4500 square feet, The Gigantic package. This package grants our photographers approximately 4 hours to ensure that every aspect of the property is beautifully captured.

The Ginormous Package: 4501 – 6000 sq ft – 5 Hours

The Ginormous package is designed for the most expansive properties, ranging from 4501 to 6000 square feet. With approximately 5 hours allocated for the photoshoot, our photographers meticulously capture every detail of the property, providing an immersive visual experience for potential buyers.

Quality and Efficiency: A Winning Combination

While our photography packages have allocated durations based on property size, we prioritize both quality and efficiency throughout the process. Our Specialists are skilled professionals who are experienced in capturing properties from their best angles, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to achieve exceptional results.

Moreover, our streamlined workflow allows us to maximize productivity without compromising on the quality of our services. We understand that in the competitive real estate market, timing is crucial, and our commitment to efficient turnaround times ensures that your property listings are ready to be marketed swiftly.

The Game Changer Package: Comprehensive and Time-Saving

For clients seeking a comprehensive and time-saving solution, The Game Changer package is the ultimate choice. This all-inclusive package combines real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, property websites, and other top-tier services, providing marketing content that leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

By opting for The Game Changer package, you benefit from efficient scheduling and coordination, as our team seamlessly integrates all the necessary components to deliver a cohesive and impactful marketing presentation. This package not only saves time but also elevates your property listings to new heights in the competitive market.

Is there a fee to reschedule a Game Changer Photoshoot?2023-07-24T23:28:42+00:00

At Real3DSpace, we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise causing the need to reschedule a Game Changer. Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our valued clients. While there is no fee for rescheduling a Game Changer Photoshoot when done within a reasonable time frame, we do have certain policies in place to ensure the efficiency of our services and compensate for any inconvenience caused by last-minute rescheduling.

Rescheduling Without Penalty: Timely Communication is Key

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a rescheduling of the Game Changer Photoshoot. Whether it’s due to inclement weather, property readiness, or other valid reasons, we strive to accommodate our clients’ needs and ensure a positive experience.

As long as the rescheduling request is communicated in a timely manner, well in advance of the scheduled shoot start time, there is no fee for rescheduling the Game Changer Photoshoot. We highly encourage clients to notify us as soon as they become aware of any potential scheduling conflicts or changes to ensure a smooth and efficient rescheduling process.

The Importance of Confirmations: Minimizing Rescheduling Needs

We take proactive measures to minimize the need for rescheduling by confirming appointments in advance. Our team endeavors to verify the appointment details and property readiness before the scheduled shoot, reducing the likelihood of any last-minute disruptions.

However, we understand that unexpected situations can arise, and we remain committed to working closely with our clients to find the most suitable alternative arrangements when necessary.

Rescheduling Policies: After the Shoot’s Start Time

While we strive to maintain flexibility in our scheduling, rescheduling a Game Changer Photoshoot after the shoot’s start time (i.e., after the photographer has arrived at the property) poses challenges and impacts our operational efficiency.

To compensate for the time and resources expended in such scenarios, we have a rescheduling fee of $50 for Game Changer Photoshoots that are canceled or rescheduled after the shoot’s start time. This fee helps cover the costs associated with the photographer’s time and travel.

Transparent Communication: Working Together for Solutions

We emphasize transparent communication with our clients, and we urge them to promptly notify us of any rescheduling needs to avoid any inconvenience or potential fees. Our team is readily available to discuss alternative options and find mutually agreeable solutions when rescheduling is necessary.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: Our Priority

At Real3DSpace, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We take pride in delivering exceptional services that cater to our clients’ unique needs and ensure their properties receive the best possible marketing representation.

While we understand that rescheduling may occasionally be unavoidable, we aim to balance flexibility with operational efficiency to deliver a seamless and top-tier experience for our clients.

Need to reschedule or cancel your appointment?2023-07-25T22:52:26+00:00

Rescheduling and Cancellation Procedures

At Real 3D Space, we understand that circumstances may arise that require rescheduling or canceling a real estate photography appointment. We prioritize providing our clients with flexibility and convenience, allowing them to manage their appointments seamlessly through our client portal or by reaching out to our dedicated support team.

Rescheduling: Making Changes Before the Shoot

We recognize that unforeseen events or scheduling conflicts may necessitate a rescheduling of your Game Changer appointment. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we have made the process straightforward and user-friendly.

Before the scheduled shoot time, you can reschedule your appointment through our client portal. Logging in to your client portal and finding the appropriate order will allow you to access the option to reschedule the appointment to a more suitable date and time.

Cancellation: Initiating a Request

In the event that you need to cancel your real estate photography appointment, we are here to assist you. To initiate a cancellation request, access your client portal and find the order you wish to cancel. With just a few clicks, you can cancel the appointment and proceed with the next steps.

Refund Request: Streamlined Process

After canceling your appointment through the client portal, you may wish to request a refund for your payment. To do so, simply reach out to our support team via phone or text at 615-326-1999. Our dedicated team members are ready to assist you promptly and process your refund request efficiently.

Alternatively, if you prefer a coupon code for future use, we are pleased to provide this option as well. The coupon code can be used for your next appointment, offering added convenience and value to our clients.

Contacting Support: A Personalized Approach

We value clear and effective communication with our clients. In addition to managing your appointment through the client portal, you can contact our support team directly for any inquiries or assistance needed.

Our support team can be reached via phone or text at 615-326-1999. If you prefer to communicate via email, you can also reach out to us at Whether you have questions about rescheduling, cancellations, refund requests, or any other matter related to your real estate photography appointment, our support team is here to provide personalized assistance.

What is the best time of day for scheduling a Game Changer photoshoot?2023-07-24T23:24:31+00:00

When it comes to scheduling a Game Changer photoshoot, the quality of light can make a significant difference in the outcome of your real estate photography, virtual tour, and drone video. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as various factors come into play, understanding the impact of available light, direction of light, time of year, and other considerations can help you make an informed decision.

The Lighting Conditions: A Key Factor

Lighting conditions play a pivotal role in real estate photography, determining the overall look and feel of the images and virtual tour. As professional real estate photographers, we always strive to create visually stunning representations of properties that resonate with potential buyers.

The Advantage of Overcast Days: Soft, Even Lighting

On cloudy, overcast days, the sun is diffused by the cloud cover, providing soft and even lighting across the property. This natural filter reduces harsh shadows and highlights, resulting in better-exposed photos with balanced tones. The absence of direct sunlight eliminates the challenges posed by extreme contrasts between light and shadow.

Overcast days are particularly advantageous when capturing interior shots, as the even lighting helps showcase the space’s details without distracting highlights or deep shadows. Additionally, exteriors benefit from the soft light, as it highlights the property’s features without causing overly bright spots or dark corners.

The Allure of Beautiful Blue Skies: Timing is Key

While overcast days offer consistent lighting, many property owners desire the picturesque appeal of a clear, blue sky in their images and virtual tour. Achieving this ideal combination of soft light and blue skies requires careful timing.

To achieve the sought-after blue sky effect, schedule the Game Changer photoshoot when there is direct light on the front side of the property. This positioning ensures that the facade is well-illuminated, enhancing its curb appeal and making it the focal point of the images. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that when the front side is illuminated, the back of the property may be in shadow. This is where the expertise of a skilled real estate photographer comes into play, as they can strategically compose shots and use lighting techniques to ensure both the front and back of the property are well-represented.

Determining the Ideal Time for Your Photoshoot: Utilizing Technology

To determine the best time for your Game Changer photoshoot, you can take advantage of various online tools and apps that aid in calculating the position of the sun throughout the day. Websites like provide a visual representation of the sun’s trajectory, allowing you to gauge when the best lighting conditions will align with your property.

Alternatively, apps like LightTrac or Lumos offer convenient and user-friendly interfaces that help you plan your photoshoot based on the optimal positioning of the sun. By inputting your property’s location and the desired date of the shoot, these apps provide valuable insights into the sun’s path, allowing you to plan your shoot during the most favorable lighting conditions.

Conclusion: Illuminating Your Property’s Potential

In the world of real estate photography and marketing, the best time to schedule a Game Changer photoshoot depends on various factors, including lighting conditions, property orientation, and desired outcomes. Overcast days offer soft and even lighting that ensures well-exposed photos, while sunny days with clear blue skies infuse a sense of allure and vibrancy into the images.

Regardless of the time you choose, the expertise of a professional real estate photographer is instrumental in capturing your property’s true essence. At Real3DSpace, our skilled photographers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize the lighting conditions and create visually stunning representations of your property. With the Game Changer package, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that will illuminate your property’s potential, attracting potential buyers and securing a successful real estate journey.

Can I get just The Game Changer MLS photos back sooner?2023-07-25T22:52:02+00:00

We understand that time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of real estate, and property sellers often seek quick turnaround times for their marketing materials, including real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, and property websites. At Real3DSpace, we value our clients’ time and strive to deliver high-quality marketing packages efficiently. However, it’s important to note that the Game Changer package is a comprehensive solution, and our editing process is optimized to ensure the best results and designed for all elements to be processed at one time. As such, delivering The Game Changer MLS Photos back before the complete package is unable to be modified. That is why we offer solutions such as the Next Day Rush and the Coming Soon Add-ons.

The Game Changer Package: Unparalleled Marketing Arsenal

The Game Changer package is designed to provide real estate agents and property sellers with an unparalleled marketing arsenal at an amazing price that elevates their property listings to new heights. This all-inclusive package includes real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, property websites, print-ready flyers, and other cutting-edge services that create an immersive and captivating experience for potential buyers.

Proprietary Editing Method: Ensuring Quality and Consistency

To maintain the highest level of quality and consistency across all components of the Game Changer package, we have developed our own proprietary editing method. This method involves a meticulous process that highlights the property’s unique features and enhancing its overall appeal.

The Importance of Cohesion: A Unified Marketing Package

In real estate marketing, cohesion is key. A unified marketing package with consistent branding and visual elements reinforces the property’s identity, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. Our proprietary editing method allows us to ensure that all elements of the Game Changer package harmonize seamlessly, contributing to a professional and compelling branded marketing presentation.

Solutions: Next Day Rush & Coming Soon Package

While we do offer expedited delivery for the complete Game Changer package with our Next Day Rush Add-on, we understand the urgency of getting a property listed quickly. For this reason, we have developed the Coming Soon Package, priced at $50. This package includes 5 drone stills and a Coming Soon flyer, providing you with essential marketing materials to jump-start your listing before the full marketing package is delivered.

Next Day Rush Add-On: Accelerate Your Marketing Momentum

We understand that in certain situations, time is of the essence, and you may need your complete Game Changer package delivered at an accelerated pace. To cater to such urgent requirements, we are pleased to introduce our Next Day Rush Add-On solution. For a nominal fee of $95, this add-on allows you to fast-track the delivery process, receiving the complete Game Changer package back the very next day after the photoshoot.

Can you shoot the interior and exterior on different days?2023-07-25T22:51:39+00:00

Comprehensive Real Estate Photography: One-Time Shooting for Interior and Exterior

While some may wonder if it is possible to shoot the interior and exterior on different days, we have a specific approach to ensure efficiency, consistency, and cost-effectiveness in our services.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Shooting the Entire Package at Once

To provide our valued clients with exceptional real estate photography and marketing solutions at a great price, we have developed an efficient workflow that involves capturing the entire package in one photoshoot. This means shooting both the interior and exterior of the property on the same day.

By shooting the entire package at once, we can optimize our resources, minimize operational costs, and maintain a seamless workflow. This approach allows us to deliver a cohesive and well-rounded marketing presentation that highlights both the interior and exterior features of the property.

The Game Changer Package: Showcasing Interior and Exterior in Harmony

The Game Changer Package is a comprehensive real estate marketing solution. Shooting the interior and exterior together enables us to create a dynamic and immersive marketing experience that captivates potential buyers. By showcasing the property’s interior and exterior features in harmony, the Game Changer Package presents a complete and captivating visual narrative that resonates with audiences and boosts engagement.

Weather Considerations: Rescheduling for Optimal Conditions

While we strive for efficiency and timeliness in our real estate photography services, weather conditions can occasionally pose challenges, particularly for exterior shots and aerial drone video. Rain or bad weather may prevent us from capturing the exterior of the property as planned.

In such cases, our policy is to reschedule the appointment for the first available time slot. We closely monitor weather forecasts to make informed decisions and leave our schedule as is until the time of the appointment.

Flexibility and Client Satisfaction: No Added Charge for Rescheduling

At Real 3D Space, we prioritize client satisfaction, and rescheduling due to inclement weather is done with no added charge to the agent or property owner. Our dedicated support team works closely with clients to find the soonest available time that works for both parties, ensuring minimal disruption to marketing plans.

Avoidable Delays: Minimizing Revisit Fees

While we strive to provide efficient and seamless services, certain delays may arise due to avoidable circumstances. For instance, if the property is not ready for the photoshoot or other service providers are present during the appointment time, it may impede the completion of the shoot.

To minimize such avoidable delays and ensure a smooth photoshoot experience, we kindly request that clients ensure the property is prepared for the appointment and that any potential conflicts with other service providers are addressed beforehand.

In the event that we start the shoot but are unable to complete it due to avoidable reasons, such as unpreparedness or interference from other service providers, a revisit fee of $50 may be applied. This fee covers the additional time and resources required to revisit the property and complete the shoot.

Can I request a specific drone shot?2023-07-25T22:51:12+00:00

Considerations When Requesting a Specific Drone Shot

Our team of skilled and trained Specialists is dedicated to capturing each property’s unique essence, ensuring a memorable and impactful marketing presentation for our clients. We understand all properties are different and may benefit from providing a unique perspective requiring you to request a specific drone shot.

Thoroughly Trained Photographers: Consistency and Excellence

Our photographers undergo rigorous training to master the art of real estate photography. This training ensures that our team follows a specific shot list, contributing to the consistency and excellence of our final product.

Consistency in real estate photography is essential, as it establishes a cohesive and harmonious visual experience for potential buyers. The ability to navigate smoothly through virtual tours and view a property from various angles, including aerial perspectives through drone video, enhances the overall appeal and engagement of the marketing materials.

Accommodating Special Requests: Highlighting Property Features

While we adhere to our standard shot list to maintain consistency, we recognize that certain properties may have unique features or selling points that warrant special attention through specific drone shots. At Real 3D Space, we aim to accommodate such special requests whenever possible.

If an agent or client desires specific drone shots to highlight special features of the property, we are happy to consider these requests. Such requests must be within reason and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of our photographers, the property, and the surrounding environment.

Making a Special Request: The Booking Process

To request specific drone shots, agents or clients must communicate their preferences at the time of booking. This can be done by providing the details of the desired drone shots in the special instructions box during the booking process.

We recommend that specific drone shot requests be communicated early in the booking process to allow our team to assess feasibility and plan accordingly. Providing clear and concise instructions helps our photographers understand the desired outcome and capture the shots that best showcase the property’s unique features.

Safety as a Priority: Ensuring Feasibility and Suitability

As much as we strive to fulfill specific drone shot requests, safety remains our top priority. Our photographers assess each request to ensure that the shots can be safely executed without compromising the well-being of anyone involved or the property itself.

Drone shots often require careful consideration of the surrounding environment, airspace regulations, and weather conditions. If a specific request poses safety concerns, our team will communicate this to the agent or client and work collaboratively to find alternative ways to highlight the property’s unique features effectively.

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Versatility in The Game Changer: Capturing Commercial Properties

While our expertise is often associated with residential properties, The Game Changer is definitely excellent for commercial properties as well. Whether it’s an office building, retail space, industrial facility, or any establishment with four walls and a ceiling, we are equipped to showcase its unique features and potential through our exceptional real estate photography services.

Pricing Structure: Tailored to Accommodate Commercial Properties

Understanding the distinct requirements and complexities of commercial properties, we have tailored our pricing structure to ensure it accommodates various sizes and layouts. Our pricing for commercial properties starts at $195 for properties up to 1500 square feet.

For commercial properties exceeding 1500 square feet, we adopt a simple and transparent pricing model, adding $100 for every additional 1500 square feet. This ensures that our pricing remains competitive, fair, and proportional to the size and scope of each commercial property.

Customized Approach: Showcasing Commercial Properties to Perfection

Just as each commercial property is unique, we recognize the importance of capturing its distinct features and potential to resonate with potential clients and investors. Our team of highly skilled Specialists approaches each commercial property with a customized and strategic mindset, aiming to present it in the best possible light.

By leveraging our expertise in real estate photography, we create captivating visual narratives that showcase the property’s layout, design, amenities, and overall value proposition. Our goal is to present commercial properties in a way that sparks interest and fosters a sense of confidence and trust among potential clients and investors.

Virtual Tours: Engaging Experiences for Commercial Properties

In addition to high-quality real estate photography, we offer immersive virtual tours that are well-suited for commercial properties. A virtual tour offers an interactive and dynamic experience, allowing potential clients to virtually explore the property as if they were physically present.

Virtual tours are particularly beneficial for commercial properties, as they provide a comprehensive view of the space’s layout, design, and functionality. This enables potential tenants, buyers, or investors to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the property’s potential for their specific needs.

Drone Videos: Showcasing Commercial Properties from Above

For commercial properties with expansive outdoor spaces or unique exteriors, our drone video services offer an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the property from above. Aerial shots provide a bird’s-eye view of the property’s surroundings, neighboring amenities, and accessibility, giving potential clients and investors a holistic perspective.

Drone videos are particularly valuable for commercial properties located in bustling urban areas, business parks, or scenic locations. By highlighting the property’s strategic location and accessibility, drone videos contribute to a compelling marketing presentation that sets the property apart in the competitive commercial real estate market.

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The Game Changer package offered by Real3DSpace is an all-inclusive marketing powerhouse tailored specifically for real estate agents seeking to elevate their property listings to new heights. This comprehensive package includes an array of captivating services, such as real estate photography, virtual tours, drone videos, property websites, and more, all geared towards maximizing exposure and generating leads.

However, an essential aspect that sets the Game Changer package apart is its exclusivity to the agent who initially avails of it. As an all-inclusive marketing product, the content created under this package is branded specifically to the agent, becoming a valuable addition to their Real3Dspace Portfolio, which remains live indefinitely for future marketing endeavors.

The Non-Licensing Policy: Branding and Portfolio Ownership

At Real3DSpace, we uphold a strict non-licensing policy, which means that the media content produced under the Game Changer package cannot be transferred or licensed to other agents. The content, carefully crafted to represent the branding and identity of the original agent, remains exclusively theirs, allowing them to leverage it in their ongoing marketing efforts.

Potential Transfer Scenarios: Agent-to-Agent Transfers

While our non-licensing policy remains steadfast, we acknowledge that situations may arise where an agent wishes to transfer their Game Changer package to another agent. For instance, an agent may switch brokerage firms, collaborate with a colleague, or seek to assist a fellow professional in their marketing efforts. In such cases, we do facilitate the transfer process, but only with proper authorization and adherence to certain guidelines.

Obtaining Permission from the Original Agent

To initiate the transfer of a Game Changer package from one agent to another, we require explicit confirmation and permission from the original agent who initially availed of the package. This step ensures that the content remains under the control of the rightful owner and is handled ethically and professionally. Our priority is to protect the intellectual property and branding rights of the original agent while facilitating a seamless transition for the new agent.

Transfer Fee and Hosting Considerations

A transfer fee of $95, typically paid by the new agent, is applicable for initiating the transfer process. This fee covers the necessary adjustments to rebrand the content with the new agent’s information and identity. Additionally, if the transfer occurs after the initial Matterport Virtual Tour hosting period of 90 days has expired, the standard Matterport Hosting Extension fee of $95 would also apply.

By adhering to these guidelines and procedures, we ensure that the transfer process is conducted professionally and transparently, respecting the rights of all parties involved.

Need To Transfer a Game Changer?

Email: or text in to our Customer Support Team (615) 326-1999

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Understanding Matterport Hosting

Matterport Hosting refers to the hosting of the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, a groundbreaking technology that allows viewers to experience properties in a captivating and interactive manner. With every Game Changer package, our valued clients receive links to both a branded and unbranded version of their Matterport Virtual Tour. Additionally, these virtual tours are seamlessly integrated into the property’s website, enhancing its online presence and potential for increased visibility.

The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is a transformative tool that enables potential buyers to virtually navigate through properties, exploring every nook and cranny with remarkable detail. This cutting-edge technology provides a comprehensive view of the property’s interior, allowing viewers to move through rooms, hallways, and even outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Extended Hosting Duration: Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

By default, the links to the branded and unbranded Matterport Virtual Tours are set to remain live for a minimum of 90 days from the time of delivery. Within this timeframe, potential buyers can access and engage with the virtual tour to gain a deeper understanding of the property’s layout, design, and features.

However, we understand that certain scenarios, such as commercial or rental properties, may necessitate a longer hosting duration to maximize the exposure and impact of the virtual tour. For this reason, we offer an extended hosting option that allows clients to extend the availability of their Matterport Virtual Tour.

Extending Hosting Duration: Additional Options

To extend the hosting duration of the Matterport Virtual Tour, clients can choose from two convenient options:

  1. Additional 90 Days for $95: If the initial 90-day hosting period requires an extension, clients can opt for an additional 90 days of hosting by paying a nominal fee of $95. This option ensures that the virtual tour remains accessible for an extended period, allowing potential buyers to revisit the property and make well-informed decisions.
  2. 1-Year Hosting Package for $195: For clients seeking a longer hosting period, we offer a 1-year hosting package at the upfront cost of $195. This package provides the incredible benefit of receiving a full year of Matterport hosting in addition to the included 90 days. This “6 months for FREE” offer is an excellent value proposition, especially for clients with ongoing marketing needs or those managing rental properties.

Seamless Integration with Google Street View: Enhancing Exposure

In addition to extended hosting options, we offer an exciting add-on service that seamlessly connects the property’s Matterport Virtual Tour with Google Street View. This integration allows any Google Street View user to transition effortlessly from the exterior street view of the property into the immersive interior experience of the Matterport Virtual Tour.

With the Google Street View integration add-on, the property gains increased exposure and accessibility, as it becomes part of the global Google Street View ecosystem. This option is available for the duration of the Matterport hosting, offering added value and visibility for clients’ properties.

Effortless Hosting Extension: Contacting Customer Support

To take advantage of the extended hosting options or the Google Street View integration, clients can simply reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team Call or text: 615-326-1999

Our Customer Support Team is ready to guide clients through the hosting extension process, answer any inquiries, and provide personalized support for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

How do you calculate square footage for The Game Changer package?2023-07-25T22:49:54+00:00

How We Calculate Square Footage for the Game Changer:

At Real 3D Space, we understand that accurate square footage calculation is crucial for our clients when selecting the appropriate Game Changer Package. To provide clarity and transparency, we have developed a straightforward method for determining the square footage covered by the Game Changer Package.

Immersive 3D Scanning: The Foundation of Square Footage Calculation

The Game Changer Package offers an immersive 3D virtual tour that allows potential buyers to virtually explore a property as if they were physically present. This technology captures every detail of the property’s interior, creating an engaging and interactive experience for potential buyers.

In the context of square footage calculation for the Game Changer Package, any part of the home that is scanned for the immersive 3D virtual tour will count towards the total package square footage. This includes all major furnished rooms, bathrooms, living areas, and any other interior spaces that are captured through the 3D scanning process.

Flexibility for Unfinished Spaces: Photos Only Option

We understand that not every part of a property may be suitable for inclusion in the immersive 3D virtual tour. For areas that clients prefer to exclude from the 3D tour, such as unfinished basements, garages, or attic spaces, we offer the option to capture photos only of these spaces at no additional cost.

By providing this flexibility, we ensure that our clients have complete control over what is showcased in the immersive 3D virtual tour and what remains limited to high-quality photographs. This allows for a tailored and customized approach that aligns with the unique features and preferences of each property.

Making Specific Requests: Utilizing the Special Instructions Box

To take advantage of the option to include photos only of specific spaces or areas in the Game Changer Package, clients can conveniently communicate their preferences at the time of booking. We have a designated “Special Instructions” box in the booking process where clients can enter their requests.

If there are areas that clients would prefer to be excluded from the immersive 3D virtual tour, they can simply enter these requests in the Special Instructions box. Our team of real estate photographers will carefully review and honor these requests, ensuring that the final deliverables accurately represent the client’s vision for the marketing of the property.

Enhancing Transparency: Accurate Square Footage for Informed Decisions

At Real 3D Space, transparency is a cornerstone of our service philosophy. We believe in providing our clients with all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions regarding their real estate photography package selection. By clearly outlining how square footage is calculated for the Game Changer Package, we empower our clients to choose the package that best aligns with their needs and preferences.

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The Power of Video SEO: Benefits of Video SEO for Real Estate Marketing

In the dynamic world of real estate marketing, staying ahead of the competition and maximizing visibility is paramount to success. Embracing innovative and effective strategies is crucial for capturing the attention of potential buyers and generating leads. One such powerful tool is Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and when combined with the Game Changer Drone Video offered by Real 3D Space, it becomes a game-changer in real estate marketing.

Understanding Video SEO: A Path to Enhanced Visibility

Video SEO involves optimizing video content to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). This strategy harnesses the vast potential of video marketing, enabling real estate professionals to gain a competitive edge and reach a wider audience.

1. Elevated Google Ranking: A Prime Spot on Google Videos

With the Game Changer Drone Video included in the comprehensive Real 3D Space’s Game Changer Package, real estate professionals benefit from more than just stunning aerial footage. Each Game Changer Drone Video is Google-ranked and expertly optimized to secure a prime spot on Google Videos.

This coveted ranking ensures that the drone video is prominently displayed when potential buyers search for relevant keywords or phrases related to the property, location, or real estate services. The direct link to your brand and contact information enhances accessibility, making it easy for interested parties to get in touch with you directly.

2. Enhanced Content Visibility: Reaching a Wider Audience

In the digital age, content is king, and SEO serves as the bridge that connects valuable content with its target audience. By optimizing the Game Changer Drone Video with relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags, real estate professionals increase the likelihood of their videos being discovered by interested buyers.

A well-optimized video possesses the potential to rank higher in search results, garnering more views, likes, and shares. As more viewers engage with the content, the video gains traction and reaches a broader audience, further boosting the property’s visibility and increasing the chances of generating leads.

3. Sustainable Lead Generation: A Long-Term Marketing Asset

One of the most significant advantages of Video SEO is its ability to generate leads and increase sales over the long term. Unlike traditional advertising methods with limited exposure, a properly optimized video can remain visible and relevant for an extended period.

Once the Game Changer Drone Video is optimized to rank on Google Videos, it continues to work for real estate professionals, attracting potential buyers and driving traffic to the property listing. This sustainable lead generation process creates a powerful marketing asset that delivers continuous returns on investment.

4. Engaging Visual Experience: Captivating Potential Buyers

In real estate marketing, capturing the attention of potential buyers is essential, and a visually engaging drone video can achieve just that. The Game Changer Drone Video showcases the property from captivating angles, providing an immersive experience that allows viewers to envision themselves in the space.

The combination of captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and optimized content creates a winning formula for holding the viewer’s attention and encouraging them to explore further.

5. Standing Out in the Market: A Competitive Advantage

With the real estate market becoming increasingly competitive, it is vital for real estate professionals to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. The inclusion of Video SEO in the Game Changer Drone Video offers a distinct competitive advantage by elevating the property’s online presence.

When potential buyers search for properties in a specific location or with particular features, a well-optimized video is more likely to appear in their search results. This increased visibility allows real estate professionals to position themselves as industry leaders, instilling confidence in potential clients and setting themselves apart from competitors.

6. Capitalizing on Google’s Video Potential: A Trusted Platform

Google is undoubtedly one of the most widely used search engines, and its video platform is no exception. As part of their ongoing efforts to enhance user experience, Google prioritizes video content in its search results.

By optimizing the Game Changer Drone Video to rank at the top of Google Videos, real estate professionals leverage Google’s reputation and reach to connect with a vast audience actively seeking property-related content.

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