Real 3d Space Pre-shoot Checklist

It is our goal to make your photos and/or video look the very best. Please go through the checklist and complete the steps that apply to your home.

• Both the interior and exterior should be ready for photos when photographer arrives.
• The photographer will not be staging your home so ask your agent for staging advice.
• Remove all vehicles from driveway and move trash containers into garage or pull to curb.
• Make sure all beds are made and bedrooms are picked up.
• Remove all personal, framed pictures off the walls, bookshelves, etc. that you do not want to be seen.
• Make sure all counters are cleaned off in kitchens, baths, bar areas, etc.
• Remove all magnets, schedules, calendars, personal photos, etc. from the refrigerator.
• Turn off all ceiling fans. Turn on all lights, including overhead lights and table lamps.
• Check all light fixtures for burned out bulbs and replace.
• Open window curtains and turn blinds horizontally or lift completely.
• Check bathroom towel racks. Arrange towels in a neat and orderly fashion.
• Remove all personal items from counter and bath (toothbrush, soap, washcloths, etc.)
• Close all toilet lids.
• Check outside! Make sure the grass is cut and trimmed.
• Clean off and arrange outside furniture to highlight the outside living area.
• Sweep or spray off driveway, sidewalks, decks, and patios so it looks clean and inviting.

Your photo shoot will take approximately 2 – 4 hours depending on the property size and photo package. All major furnished rooms of the house will be photographed, including all bathrooms. No unfinished areas or closets will be photographed unless otherwise requested by your agent. These are the perfect places to store items removed for the photography session. Remember that the photographer will NOT be staging your home. Ask your agent for staging advice and remove all items that you do not wish to see in the photographs.

The goal is to make every room look as clean and open as possible. Making these small changes will mean a world of difference in your property photos.

We look forward to your shoot! – The Real 3D Team

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