How To Download

Here we will cover the steps on how to download your Game Changer contents

Below you will find the steps necessary to access your Client Portal, download your listing content, and edit user settings and more.

  • Start by logging into your Client Portal. Use the same credentials used to book the appointment.
  • Once logged in, you will see the main menu for your Client Portal on the left.
  • In Dashboard view, place an order, view today’s appointments, view all orders, or access other menu options.
  • In the Listings view, you will find all of your Listings.
  • Here is where you will download the Listing Content created for each of your Listings.
  • Click on the Listing you want to view, edit, or download.
  • The Download Button can be found at the top right of the page.
  • You will also see the list of components in your package below.
  • Click the Download Button to view download options.
  • Check the boxes of the components you wish to download and press the Download Button.
  • This will create a zip file with all the content organized by folder and download it to your computer.
  • To download individual components, enter the Download Center.
  • To edit, update, or access individual component links, use the dropdown arrow found on the right side of each element.
  • Here you can edit Property Details, update the Property Website and Property Flyer, reorder images, and copy links as needed.
  • In the Orders view, you will see all your orders.
  • Here you can edit, reschedule, or view details of your appointments.
  • In the Settings view, you can update all your User Details such as your headshot, broker logo, social media links, and set custom notifications.
  • In the Leads view, you will find the lead information from your contact forms from your content.
  • In the Teams view, you can manage the admins and/or team members who can access your account.

Suggested Uses

Use this Property Website link in the MLS, share it on social media, or share it directly with prospects through email. Remember, this link contains all the marketing content created for your listing in one simple page!

Copy the link for use on MLS, share on social media, and send through email to prospects. An embed code can be provided upon request for embed purposes if you would like to embed the link on your own website. Please make a request through our chat system.

Copy the link for use on MLS, share on social media, and send through email to prospects. Use the downloaded Video File to create custom videos by adding intros, voice overs, or you own graphics. Also, you can upload to your own channels.

Upload web-sized photos to your MLS, post galleries or individual images on social media, and use print-sized images for print materials.

Use the Flyer to share on social media, create ads, or print for your opens house.

Present this link from your laptop or iPad in your Listing Presentations, or send it to potential clients to grow confidence and earn their business. This link highlights the importance and benefits of using these tools to sell any property.

Use your Client Portal Listings view to show your sold and current Listing Portfolio to boost client confidence.

Benefits of Video SEO

Benefits of Video SEO

A Package That Works For You!

A Package That Works For You!

Every Game Changer Drone Video is Google ranked and optimized to rank at the top of Google videos with your brand and contact information directly linked. Content that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) will continue to generating leads and increase sales.

Mobile Booking App & Client Portal

With our new and improved mobile booking app, you can book any time from anywhere, access all of your content, update your profile, and much more!